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A wheel alignment is an important component to your vehicle health.

If you notice that your vehicle is pulling in either direction as your driving you probably need an alignment. Generally, you need to get your alignment checked once a year or every 12,000 miles.
Alignment is one of those things that you donít notice because you adjust your driving to your alignment until it gets bad enough to be noticed. You should also get your alignment checked if you hit a pothole because your wheels have a tendency to shift when they encounter poor road conditions.
At Brake Check, we can align your vehicle and get it back on the road for you. Proper alignment not only allows for a more comfortable ride but increase the life of your braking equipment and tires.

Regular wheel alignments are an important part of conscientious car maintenance. Unfortunately, many car owners fail to understand the importance of good wheel alignment, and therefore don't have their alignment checked often enough.

After this service you ll notice:

    Better gas mileage
    More mileage out of your tires
    Tire warranties still apply
    Less wear and tear on other parts
    Easier to drive