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Engine Service
Import Performance specializes in delivering the balanced package in performance cars. It is our belief that a vehicle that is just fast is not responsible or safe for the enthusiast.

We recommend balance between the critical elements a vehicle must deliver, namely: as much torque as your checkbook will buy, razor sharp handling and gravity defying stops. All of these elements are available to the enthusiast today.

And, if you are a fan of an Import sport compact or truck performance, we can provide you with the same balanced approach allowing your vehicle to be custom tailored to your exact needs and desires.
    Restored engine balance and power
    Optimized compression
    Restored fuel economy
    Longer engine life

Our technicians are certified in electrical, suspension and steering, engine performance and repair, transmissions, drive train, heating and air conditioning and brake systems.
Our Maintenance Services Include:

    Tune-ups (Charging System, Lube, Oil & Filters)
    Brakes / Suspension / Steering
    Transmission & Clutch Installations
    Radiators & Cooling Systems
    Fluid Flushes (Brakes, Cooling System, Transmission)
    Electrical Repairs (Starters, Alternators, Batteries)