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A half shaft, also called an axle, transmits power from the transmission to propel the wheels of a vehicle.

Each half shaft has two constant-velocity (CV) joints. The CV shaft, boot, and the joints are all part of the shaft assembly. They are used on front-wheel drive and many four-wheel drive vehicles.
At Brake Check, we can repair the axle with a new CV joint kit. This includes new joints , grease and lubricant , and boot, a rubber casing that covers the CV joints and parts within the shaft assembly.
A CV joint is a collection of bearings and cages that allows for axle rotation and power delivery on a number of different angles and planes and for the axle to change length as it travels up and down. All the parts spin around in a protective layer of grease that is held inside the joint by a flexible, rubber boot. Without the boot, the grease would simply spin out of the CV joints. The boot also keeps dirt and grime out. On the CV axle are two CV joints along with one or two sets of splines. One side of the axle gets power from the engine, the other delivers the power to the driven wheel.
Axle Service

A good condition axle and boot

    Smoother driving
    Safety on hard hard turns
    Smooth accelaration
    Less wear and tear on other parts
    Easier to drive