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Wheel balance refers to the proper distribution of weight around a revolving tire and wheel assembly. Poor wheel balance can have a marked impact on both your car and your safety.
Wheel Balancing

Proper wheel balance ensures that the wheels, while spinning, do not have a heavy spot that can cause vibration and premature wear of tires, struts, shocks and other steering and suspension components. When combined with proper wheel alignment, balanced wheels ensure smooth and enjoyable driving

    Reduced vibrations
    Smoother ride
    Longer tire life

Maintenance Tips/Suggestions:

The most common signs of unbalanced tires are vibration and noise problems. When driving with an out-of-balance wheel, the wheel literally bounces down the road rather than spinning smoothly. This can affect the speed, handling and mileage of your car. Many of todayís cars have lightweight suspension systems and are therefore, more sensitive to imbalance than older cars.

Itís a good idea to have your carís wheels balanced when rotating the tires, about every 6,000 miles. Itís not uncommon for wheels to lose a wheel weight from time to time; so periodic balancing minimizes the impact of unbalanced wheels on your car. Import Performance has the very latest computerized equipment at each of our locations to ensure your tires are properly balanced each time!