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Now days there are tons of ways to recycle more in auto repair. There is a machine called ‘Systems One’ and it allows auto shops to recycle used solvent from the shop. There are even Noble oil services that make it possible to recycle antifreeze and use it as an energy source. Pretty cool, huh? It doesn’t stop there…

Not only we are  going green by recycling old solvent and oil, but we are taking extra precautions to do so in the shop. Extra precautions are being taken such as using recycled paper and printer toner, sending bottles and cans to local county pick up sites, and sending old tires, batteries, and lead wheel weights to off-site recyclers. We are even sending out captured Freon from air conditioning repairs. We are going green from every angle we can think of on the job.

It is important to work with companies that care about the environment. In a perfect world we would all help to reserve out earth’s natural resources more efficiently. We find it very comforting to know that there are auto repair shops that are helping with the cause. But what exactly are we  doing to contribute? Let us explain…
We are welcome our customers to bring any recyclable metal, used oil, oil filters,  antifreeze, old tires and old batteries  and we will add them to our recycle program.

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